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Michigan Council Earns 14th Straight Council of Excellence Award

June 25, 2011 — Successful Fall Conference Leads the Way

Council of Excellence, 2011Our Michigan Council has been selected Regional Council of Excellence Award winner for the 14th straight year. Six of the twenty-four regional councils in the United States are selected for their extraordinary achievement each fiscal year. Winning Councils must meet all expected performance requirements, plus demonstrate accomplishments above and beyond those.

The Michigan Council's headline performance comes via its Annual Fall Conference. The 2010 conference had 155 attendees, who earned 1,240 hours in CPE. The attendance was a new high, despite the struggling regional economy. The council also excelled in it's support of regional students, encouraging careers in accounting and financial management. Other accomplishments included council's hosting and support of it's chapter websites, and promotion of IMA's CMA program, to name just a few.

The national award was presented at IMA's 92nd Annual Conference, in Orlando, Florida, this month. Former Council Presidents, Chris Mishler and Jim Horsch (pictured, above), accepted the award on behalf of the council. Congratulations to 2010-2011 Council President, Chuck Phillips and the Michigan Council board!

Regional Chapters Well Represented at Fall Conference

November 15, 2010 —Each Chapter Participated

Michigan Council President, Chuck Phillips announced the final tally of Fall Conference attendance, today. Total attendance was 155 members, students, guests, sponsors, speakers and volunteers. Following is the attendance breakdown:

  Grand Rapids
  St. Clair College
  Upper Peninsula
  Ann Arbor
  Toledo, OH
  Saginaw Valley
  Cleveland, OH


9th Annual Fall Conference a Resounding Success

October 25, 2010 —Another Large Crowd

Conference Crowd

The Michigan Council held its 9th Annual Fall Conference at the Kellogg Center, in Lansing, on Monday, October 25. Attendance totaled 155 members, guests and sponsors.

Attendees received 8 hours of well-presented sessions on timely topics, including an ethics case study, a National and Michigan economic update, a tax update, a report on the Healthcare Reform Bill and its impact on businesses and individuals; plus, changes in accounting standards and a report on global oil and gas supply and prices.

At lunch, keynote speaker Brian L. McGuire, Global IMA's Chair-Elect for 2010-2011 spoke on "What CFO's are Saying". Brian's talk included discussion of the changing role of CFOs from one of reporting on financial activities, to advising on strategic and operational issues. Thus, the CFO becomes CVO (Chief Value Officer). He also reported on the continued improvement in the health of IMA, in terms of finances and membership; and spoke of the "Core Values" of IMA's Global Staff.

Traditionally, the Fall Conference also serves as a platform to recognize achievement by regional IMA Chapters. Those who had won national banners for their performance in 2009-2010 were again recognized and presented with their awards by Brian McGuire. Brian recognized the Michigan Council for again achieving the national Council of Excellence Award. Bill Ebright, President of the Ann Arbor Chapter, with Lee Bennett, Council Webmaster, accepted a national website award. The Michigan Upper Peninsula Chapter was recognized for its 13th place finish in the National Competition among smaller chapters (Warner Division).

Details of the Fall Conference may be found on the Fall Conference page. There you'll find speaker bios and the conference agenda. PowerPoint presentations of the speakers may also be found from the Conference page. Follow link to recently posted Fall Conference photos!

Michigan Council Wins Council of Excellence Award

June 5, 2010 —13 Straight!

Award Presentation

Once again , the Michigan Council of IMA has been selected Regional Council of Excellence Award winner. Just six of the twenty-four regional councils in the United States are selected for their extraordinary performance each fiscal year. Winning Councils must meet all expected performance requirements, plus demonstrate accomplishments above and beyond those.

The national award was presented on Tuesday, June 8th, at IMA's 91st Annual Conference, in Baltimore, MD. Chris Mishler and Sue Bos are shown accepting the award in the photo, above. Congratulations to 2009-2010 Council President, Chris Mishler and the entire Michigan Council board!

Visit our New & Updates page to read about national recognition for our chapters and members, too.
See President's Message page to read 2009-2010 Council President, Chris Mishler's final message.

Michigan Chapters Recognized at National Conference
June 15 , 2010 —91st Annual Conference in Baltimore, MD

The Michigan Council was honored once again with their 13th consecutive Council of Excellence Award. In addition, several of our chapters were recognized for extraordinary achievement. To view all the awards presented at the Annual Dinner on June 8, see the IMA Annual Dinner Program. Following are the awards connected with our Michigan Region, in the order they were presented:

The Stevenson Trophy for the #1 chapter, in the competition among larger chapters (88 participating chapters), went to the South Central Indiana Chapter. The Warner Trophy, among smaller chapters, for the #1 chapter went to the West Chester Pennsylvania Chapter.

Banners are awarded to the top 15 chapters in their divisions, but several of our chapters also did well in the standings. Following are the results of all our chapters in the National competition:

Congratulations to all our chapters and volunteers for a fine year in serving our Michigan Region members! Special thanks to Chris Mishler, Council President; Penny Weller, our National Vice President; and Sue Bos, National Director At-Large.


News from the Saginaw Valley Chapter
March 5, 2010 —A Chapter Update

On January 20, the Saginaw Valley Chapter had an Economic Update by Jonathan M. Gardey, CFA, CFP.  This was an excellent presentation, which has been an annual event since I have been in the chapter, and is always filled with many interesting and relevant facts and statistics; especially this year. We met in one of our standard spots, Damon’s Restaurant in Saginaw. Attendance was good.

We are preparing for our April meeting at Zehnders in Frankenmuth on April 21.   Julie Goldman, MBA, CMA, will be presenting the latest Menconi Ethics Case winner.  More details are on our website at .

I know we have attracted some new student members with the special price that we offer to students. I’m pleased to report that I signed up nine students from Delta College. Our chapter membership is holding pretty steady, despite the economy.

We’ll have a board meeting soon, to formally begin our planning for the next fiscal year.  Members interested in joining our volunteer leadership team should contact me at

by Antoinette Clegg, President, Saginaw Valley Chapter

Spring is Coming!

February 18, 2010 —A Commentary by Lee Bennett

I really  look forward to the change of seasons, here in Michigan.  My favorite transition is always from Winter to Spring, and all the rebirth occurring around us.  The dirty snow disappears, little green shoots appear... soon to become grassy lawns and spring flowers.  We also undergo a spiritual rebirth, regardless of religious affiliation, in our own natural life cycle. 

It’s a great time to make resolutions, review and renew commitments, look to the future and set new goals for ourselves. You knew I was coming around to this…

In the spirit of renewal; now is a good time, in IMA to “kick it up a notch”, if you can.  Plan on attending more meetings than in the  past and enjoy the networking and  camaraderie of your peers in management accounting. You might even want to attend the National Conference in June, and/or our Fall Conference in October.  

If you are now a chapter leader, why not build on that expertise at the Michigan Council level?  You will gain as much as you give, and meet lasting friends who share your profession and ethical values. The Michigan Council’s nominating committee is now seeking candidates for various council positions, and there is a position for you, if you can commit just a little of your time.  The Michigan Council meets just quarterly, and there are many important tasks that will not add more stress to your life. 

We don’t expect or want anyone to commit to more than they can do.  Please think about joining us on  the Michigan Council.

 — by Lee Bennett, Former Council President and National Area VP

Grand Rapids Chapter News

February 12, 2010 —Michigan Council President to be Guest Speaker at the March Meeting

Michigan Council President, Chris Mishler, will speak on spreadsheet controls at the Chapter's March 16 meeting.

The Grand Rapids Chapter and Institute of Internal Auditors cosponsored a job fair / career event in February.  In spite of a bad snow storm, there were 167 students and 10 companies registered for the event. Kim Korth, the President of IRN, was a Guest Speaker.  Scholarships were also awarded.

On April 20, 2010, the Grand Rapids Chapter will host a networking event for members and will feature a Guest Speaker who is an expert on Linked-In.  Members will be educated on how to use electronic business networks to full advantage.

Michiana Chapter News

February 12, 2010 —Student Mentoring Program Officially Kicked Off

Michiana Chapter President, Brenda Engel reported that the Chapter's mentoring program has

16 students actively participating.  The program is a great way for students to learn, get feedback and expand their career opportunities through a mentoring relationship with experienced IMA Accounting and Finance Professionals.

The next Chapter Meeting is scheduled for February 16, 2010 and the second part of the IMA Ethics Series will be presented by John and Brenda Engel.  Invitations to the meeting include Faculty and Staff of the Accounting Program at Brown Mackie College in Mishawaka, Indiana.

Detroit Metro Chapter, All-Day Seminar to be Held March 18

February 5, 2010 —The Detroit Metro Chapter Invites You to Attend

The Detroit Metro Chapter will hold an all-day seminar on March 18, 2010, with 6 hours of CPE at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 8000 Merriman Rd. (near Metro Airport), Romulus, MI. Featured speakers will include IMA President, Jeff Thomson; President and Founder of the Lean Accounting Summit, Jim Huntzinger; and performance management expert, Gary Cokins; as well as perennial Detroit IMA favorites, Ravi Nayar and Doug Hicks.

Registration and Networking will begin at 8:30am. The seminar will conclude with networking and business card exchange at 3:30pm. Price for members is $110.00, including lunch. Non-member price is $125.00. To register on-line, visit: . An agenda and additional details may be found on the attached flyer in Word format.

 by Chuck Phillips, CMA, Detroit Metro Chapter

Ann Arbor Chapter News

November 20 , 2009 —The Chapter had two successful plant tours at Zingerman’s Bakehouse on Saturday, October 10, 2009, at 10am & 2pm. The tour took about 90 minutes tour including chocolate, bread, and cake samples. It was a fun gathering for regular, retiree, and student members to get together with their friends and family.

Click on photo to see larger view.

We also volunteered a Community Service at Food Gathers on Saturday morning, October 2, 2009.  Some members came with their children and  students from IMA Eastern Michigan University Student Chapter joined the community service.

Click on photo to see larger view.


 by Hyun-Jin Choi, CPA, Vice President of Professional Education


Recent National IMA Board Meeting

November 20, 2009 —Excerpts from Executive Summary

The IMA Board of Directors met on September 26, 2009 at Hyannis, Massachusetts. Among the items discussed which will be of interest to IMA Councils, Chapters and members were:

The Board of Directors discussed next steps for increasing diversity among IMA Board members.  IMA Regional Council Presidents were asked to reach out to members of their respective Councils and report back to John Brausch and Sandy Richtermeyer with suggestions on what options might work to increase diversity and strengthen the Board in the future.

The IMA will introduce a new Leadership Academy and the Global Service Pool Advisory Committee gave an update on this program:

  •  The Committee will introduce a new Volunteer Leadership Program for all IMA members to have opportunities to build their leadership skills in Spring 2010.
  • The Committee is seeking volunteers who are willing to be mentors or “mentees”. They also seek volunteers and recommendations for faculty members to serve in the IMA Volunteer Leadership Academy.  The faculty member should be a good presenter who has the time to help with the Volunteer Leadership Program.

IMA Staff provided status updates on new initiatives to be introduced in Spring 2010:

  • New member database (Personify)
  • New IMA website
  • New online Professional Learning Center

Meeting participants were encouraged to promote use of LinkUp IMA ( on the Chapter & Council level.  Members can join or request new Chapter & Council groups to keep members apprised of local events, announcements, and news.

Note: The Michigan Council representative to the IMA Board of Directors is Regional Vice President, Penny Weller, PhD., CMA. Her alternate is Dana Collins, CPA.
In addition, our council is further represented by National Director at Large, Sue Bos, CMA, CPA.

Invitation to 11th Annual IIA/ISACA Spring Conference

November 17, 2009 —The IIA invites IMA Members

Presented by the Detroit Chapters of the IIA and ISACA the 11th Annual Spring Conference is scheduled for March  8-10, 2010 at the University of Michigan Dearborn Fairlane Center.   Participation is limited and registration will be accepted on a first come first served basis. Registration information and prices may be found on page 20 of the conference brochure. IMA members are invited! See full description and conference schedule in the brochure at

Lansing-Jackson Chapter to Meet on September 17

August 31 , 2009 —The Lansing-Jackson Chapter Invites You to Attend

Gareth Beaty, new President of the Lansing-Jackson IMA Chapter, has announced the chapter's events calendar for 2009-2010. The chapter will hold an evening meeting on Thursday,September 17, 2009, at Bella Notte Ristorante, 137 W. Michigan Ave., Jackson.

Speaker: Ken Butterfield, of James C. Butterfield Investments, Inc.

Topic: Economic Update and Future Outlook

CPE Credit: 1 Hour

Cost: $25.00 (including dinner and the technical program)

Networking begins at 5:30 p.m., presentation will start at 6:00 p.m., then dinner will begin around 7:00 p.m.

Congratulations to the Lansing-Jackson Chapter on their new program. Please show your support by attending. For reservations, please email . Visit the chapter's website at for more information about the chapter.


No Worker Left Behind (NWLB)

August 31 , 2009 —NWLB May Help Pay for CMA Review Courses

Would you like to improve your odds of landing a new job?  You may want to improve your marketability by preparing for, taking, and passing the Certified Management Accountant exam.  There are two publicly funded programs that might help.  Consider taking advantage of the No Worker Left Behind (NWLB) and TAA programs available through the State of Michigan’s Michigan Works department (previously known as the “Unemployment Office”).

The steps to follow are:


  1. Get an appointment at your Michigan Works office to find out if you qualify for the NWLB or TAA programs (see below).
  2. Find out if “accounting” is on the "in demand" list of skills for that particular office. 
  3. After you’ve received approval from Michigan Works to take the CMA classes, go ahead and enroll in the Cleary University CMA exam prep courses described below.  In order to have Michigan Works pay for the CMA exam prep courses, you must have approval from the Michigan Works office first.    It’s important to note that the Michigan Works programs will not reimburse for classes or programs started before you get approval.

If you feel that you may qualify for the Michigan Works programs, be sure to set up an appointment right away with your Michigan Works office. They are very busy right now and it's not too early to meet with them so that you can enroll in the next CMA review course, Part 2 CMA, which begins in January 2010.

Here are some links with more information:

If you have questions and would like to hear a speaker address them, there will be a session on September 24, at the Radisson Kingsley in Bloomfield Hills, put on by the Detroit Chapter of the IMA.  Contact Jeff Harrison ( for more details.

Here is some additional information on how to become eligible for the Michigan Works TAA program:

There is a process to apply for this benefit.  A company, union or 3 laid off/separated workers in the past year can petition to be investigated by the Department of Labor and Economic Growth.  The Department of Labor and Economic Growth makes the determination on whether your company can be certified.  Please refer to the first link (below) to find out about eligibility and the determination process. 


The second link is for the actual petition that will need to be filled out and turned in to the appropriate address that was given in the first link.,1607,7-122-1679_1823_2823---,00.html (fact sheet) (petition)

The Michigan Works-Troy office has experience enrolling individuals in the Cleary University CMA exam prep courses.  Michael Magolan, Training Specialist at the Troy Career Center, may be able to help get individuals signed up and approved for the CMA courses.

Michael Magolan, E-mail: Phone: (248) 823-5177

If you prefer dealing with the “Lead” for the program, contact Diana Carpenter at, or call her at 517-335-4045.  Thanks to Representative Pam Byrnes of the 52nd District for providing this contact.

Do you have any comments or ideas about this program to share with fellow IMA members?  Please email them to me at

by Chris Mishler, Council President


IMA Annual Conference in Denver a Success!

June 30 , 2009 —The IMA Annual Conference—Denver, June 6-10, 2009

Sue BosThe IMA held its 90th Annual Conference & Exposition, June 6-10, 2009 at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel in Denver, Colorado.  With approximately 630 paid attendees able to earn 23.5 cpe credits, the event was considered a success.  The optional event at the Denver zoo with dinner and open only to IMA attendees was a huge hit.  The council suite shared with Ohio council and the local Denver chapter offered a comfortable place for socializing with a floor to ceiling window view of the Denver skyline.  Be sure to consider attending next year's Annual Conference in Baltimore, June 5-9, 2010!

by Sue Bos

(Editor's note: More information and conference photos will follow our July 14 planning meeting.)

Michigan Council and Chapters Honored at National Conference

June 30 , 2009 — Council and Chapters Recognized at National Conference

Bob Maddox Accepts Council of Excellence AwardThe Michigan Council has once again earned the Council of Excellence Award in the National Competition among the 24 councils, nationwide; and all competing chapters did well in chapter recognition, nationally.  Each year, just 6 councils earn Council of Excellence distinction based on efforts and accomplishments beyond those required.  In fiscal year, 2008-2009, President Bob Maddox led the council to its 12 consecutive Council of Excellence Award!

Individual chapters also compete with other chapters to earn “banners” for placing in the top 25 in their division.  IMA is divided into 2 divisions, the Stephenson Division for larger chapters and the Warner Division for smaller chapters. We are proud that several of our chapters won banners or awards at the national conference.

The Council and its chapters will again be recognized for their 2008-2009 accomplishments at the Council’s 8th Annual Fall Conference, in Lansing, on October 29, 2009.

Following are our award winning chapters:

In addition, both the Michiana and Detroit Chapters did well in the national competition, falling in the top third of all chapters in their respective divisions. Congratulations to all!

Below are additional photos:

Ann Arbor-14th Place
Bob Maddox and Sue Bos Accept 14th Place Award for the Ann Arbor Chapter, in the Stevenson Division Jim Horsch and Penny Weller Accept 21st Place Award for the Kalamazoo Chapter, in the Stevenson Division


— by Lee Bennett


Are You Serious About Becoming a CMA?

June 30 , 2009 —Register now for a CMA Review Course at Cleary University!

Dr. Lou Petro, CMA, CPACleary University is now accepting registrations for CMA review courses for the 2009-2010 academic year.  Review courses for CMA Exam Parts 1 and 4 are offered this fall; review courses for CMA Exam Parts 2 and 3 will be offered in winter and spring 2010, respectively.  All courses are taught by Dr. Louis Petro, CMA, CPA, and use the CMA Learning System materials, which were developed by the IMA.

These review courses offer a complete preparation solution for the CMA exam.  If you’re serious about becoming a CMA, we’ve got the program for you!  Cleary participants have achieved an 80% pass rate on Part 1 CMA, which is 31 percentage points higher than the average Part 1 pass rate of 49%.  Please consider joining us this fall!

Please visit for more information and to register online.  If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Beaudoin at 734.332.4477 extension 3337.

by Lisa Beaudoin


Making IMA Relevant

How NY Metro Council Revitalized by putting on a special educational event (an idea for Michigan Council and chapters)

May 1 , 2009 - It has been almost a year since NY Metro Council put on an outstanding event.  Our council decided that we needed to do something “BIG”; we needed to do something for our constituents our members. The New York Council serves only 4 chapters, NY Metro, Long Island, Westchester-Gateway, and Coastal Fairfield. We, like most councils and chapters, have been suffering from decreasing attendance, involvement and ...yes, apathy. Despite that we decided to put on a blockbuster event.

We put together a committee under the NY Metro Council to put this event together, one person from each chapter:

Warren Bergstein, NY Metro

Bob Arnold, Jr. Long Island

Arthur J. Pann, Westchester-Gateway (that’s me)

Ted Saunders, Coastal Fairfield

We held our first meeting 6 months before the event. We needed to find a location that was convenient and cost effective, we needed to create a  panel that was stellar, we needed to get the information out there, and we needed to do this fast.

Our organization is amazingly connected. Through Montvale we were able to put a panel together that included Dominic Caruso, VP Finance and CFO of J&J, as well as Leslie Seidman, sitting Board Member of FASB. Through Leslie Seidman, we were able to get Brian Roberson, Partner Department of Professional Practice at KPMG, LLP and also Frank Hauser, Partner, Global Consulting Accounting Services at PWC. Thanks to our Long Island chapter, a prior recipient of their prestigious FEY award, Len LaSalandra, Senior VP and CFO of Marchon eyewear rounded out this most prestigious panel.

After we put our amazing panel together, we needed a strong anchor to moderate what would be later viewed as one of the best panels the IMA has been able to put forth in this area. Luckily, we had just that person, one who has been part of the IMA resurgence and was newly appointed to President and CEO of the IMA, Jeffrey C. Thomson.

The event took place on May 28th of last year, at the prestigious Harvard Club in NYC. The almost four hour symposium contained a lot of information about where companies are today and how they are preparing for the integration of IFRS in US businesses, as well as the role of your CPA firm in today’s ever changing environment. The question and answers flowed, the information flowed, and the exchange of ideas and opinions flowed. Everyone who was in attendance, acknowledged the value and importance of being part of this prestigious panel and event.

Almost a year later, I reflect back on this event and realize that to evaluate success does not just come from large attendance or from adding money to your treasury;, but evaluating success also is by knowing you put on good programs. If you build it, they will come; to steal a phrase, is true. The Business Symposium the NY Metro Council put on last May was a success, as valued by all, in attendance. The Business Symposium the NY Metro Council put on last May is viewed as a success when Leslie Seidman, Board Member of FASB, in front of the entire attendance at IMA’s 89 Annual Conference in Tampa, Florida,  acknowledges the panel that she sat on a few weeks before as well as acknowledges the efforts to make it happen. I thank Leslie Seidman, Dominic J. Caruso, Frank Hauser, Brian Roberson, Len LaSalandra as well as our own Jeffrey C. Thomson for helping out our council as well as to help to make the IMA more relevant.

Arthur J. Pann, Westchester-Gateway Chapter April 30, 2009

'Going Concern Opinions' in Auto Industry

Auditors See Potential Due to Liquidity Crunch, Operational Losses and Solvency Issues

March 2, 2009 - (SmartPros) - The debate about the viability of the domestic automakers and their suppliers is about to be joined by a new voice: auditors.

According to Grant Thornton LLP's Corporate Advisory and Restructuring Service, it is possible that a number of publicly traded companies in the automotive industry could receive what is called a "going concern opinion" from their auditors - a statement that there is substantial doubt about the entity's ability to continue as a going concern. But that doesn't necessarily mean the domestic auto industry can't be successfully restructured.

"It's important for the public, the supply base and all of the parties involved in restructuring the auto industry not to overreact if they start seeing 'going concern' opinions," said Kimberly Rodriguez, co-leader of Grant Thornton's global automotive team and a principal in the firm's restructuring practice. "We're in uncharted waters and auditors face extremely difficult decisions, but we believe the amount of direct government aid to the auto industry, the size of the economic stimulus package and the radical restructurings GM, Ford and Chrysler are undertaking will ultimately help salvage the industry."

The opinions will be included in Form 10-K annual reports, which must be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission within 60 to 90 days of the end of a company's fiscal year, depending on its size and other factors. That means many companies will file their 10-Ks at the same time the government is considering the viability of Chrysler LLC and General Motors Corp.

"The country's automotive assets are capable of delivering tremendous value, and that will be readily apparent when demand recovers," Rodriguez said. "The automakers were making huge strides to improve their products and reduce their cost structures well before the credit markets froze and the recession intensified. The deeper restructuring that is now underway will position them to be successful even at very low industry volumes. All of this suggests that the best thing we can do in the 10-K season is keep a level head."

from IMA Online Newsletter 3/10/2009

Council Sponsors CMA Information Session at MSU

February 15, 2009 —Lisa BeaudoinThe Michigan Council sponsored a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) information session on the campus of Michigan State University (MSU) on Wednesday, January 21, 2009. Approximately twenty-five students attended the session to learn more about the IMA and CMA certification. Lisa Beaudoin, CMA, Michigan Council Director of Student Relations, and Organizational Learning Manager for IMA, gave the presentation.

The session was also attended by Jim Horsch, CMA, National Director-at-Large, and Sue Kattelus, Professor of Accounting at MSU. The Michigan Council provided pizza and refreshments to the students, and the IMA presented each student with CMA visors.

Following the presentation, approximately 14 students signed up for IMA membership and entrance into the CMA program. Prof. Sue Kattelus also agreed to establish an IMA student chapter on campus.

by Lisa Beaudoin

Date Set for 8th Annual Fall Conference

December 4, 2008 —Conference Chair, Jim Horsch, reported on Michigan Council's record turnout at our 7th Annual Fall Conference on October 29, 2008, and announced that next year's plans are already under way. Our 8th Annual Fall Conference will be held on Thursday, October 29, 2009, at the Kellogg Center, on the Michigan State University campus in E. Lansing, Michigan. Details will appear on our website as plans develop. The Fall Conference will be all-day, and provides 8 hours of CPE to attendees, including a 2 hour ethics seminar.

by Lee Bennett

Redesigned Council Website and New Chapter Website Template

December 4, 2008 —The Michigan Council Website has a new look! If you haven’t visited our website lately, you’ll find lots of new features, including a Google Calendar on the Events page, with all the upcoming meetings for chapters and council. Chapters which maintain an up to date website will also have their events listed in the new Google Calendar, or chapters may send their events schedule to Lee Bennett at

The new site design is much more user friendly, easy to navigate and easier to update. Very recently, we’ve added photo slide shows of our recent Fall Conference. The council will publish any chapter or member news. Website news items should also go to Lee Bennett.

Did you know, The Michigan Council provides free web hosting to its chapters? A new chapter web page template is available free to chapters who’d like to use it. Past Council President and current webmaster, Lee Bennett, has offered to convert any chapter site to the new template. He also offers his expertise to assist chapters in keeping their sites current. An attractive and current web site is important to maintaining communications with our members.

Some chapters just do not have the technical expertise in site design and HTML coding to maintain their sites. And, sometimes it’s an issue of not having the time to keep up with a website, when we all have family and earning a living as first priorities. Lee can help chapters with the expertise issue, and will help with maintaining sites on request.

by Lee Bennett

7th Annual Fall Conference a Great Success

October 29, 2008—Over 175 conference registrants, speakers, exhibitors, award recipients, and conference team members participated in the 7th Annual IMA Michigan Fall Conference at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center at Michigan State University in East Lansing on Wednesday, October 29, 2008.  Included were 26 students and faculty from St. Clair College who traveled by bus all the way from Windsor, Ontario in Canada to attend the conference. The 7th annual fall conference was sponsored by the IMA Michigan Council and Robert Half International / Accountemps, with additional support from Cleary University and Comerica Bank. 

Chair-Emeritus of the IMA, Mr. John Pollara, CMA, kicked off the conference with an inspirational introduction. First, Mr. Mitchell L. Stapley, CFA, Chief Fixed Income Officer with Fifth Third Asset Management, Inc., presented the latest view of the economy to the audience. Next, Mr. Fred P. Keller, Chairman and CEO Cascade Engineering, addressed the group on the concept of sustainability and how it is the economic engine, drawing upon his wealth of experience to share his views with the attendees.  Finally, we wrapped up the morning session with a presentation on the changes in tax laws and accounting standards by experts Mr. Scott Purtill, CPA, Partner, and Mr. Martin Comden, CPA, Tax Associate, from the CPA firm of Plante & Moran, PLLC.

Michigan Council President Bob Maddox, presided over the luncheon awards and recognition ceremony.  Banners and awards were presented to representatives from the Ann Arbor Chapter for the 11th place Stephenson Banner, and the Michigan Upper Peninsula Chapter for the 16th place Warner banner, recognizing their excellent performance during the past year. Lynn Margulies was recognized as the immediate past Council president who led the Council to win yet another IMA Council of Excellence Award.  Dignitaries from Michigan State University’s accounting faculty were also recognized. The luncheon portion of the meeting concluded with IMA Chair-Emeritus Mr. John Pollara’s presentation on "From Backyard Business to Public Company: The Role the Management Accountant Plays in Driving Business Performance".

The afternoon session was just as interesting as the morning segment with a colorful and musical presentation of ethics for management accounting professionals by Professors Dr. James C. Lampe, CPA, PhD, and  Dr. Olen L. Greer, CMA, PhD from Missouri State University.  Finally, the conference concluded with an informative presentation by Mr. James B. Thelen, Principal with the law firm of Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Ston, PLC on keeping financial operations legal by avoiding employees lawsuits and adhering to employment related laws.

This year marked the third year that participants could register and pay for the conference on the Council website, and close to 53% of the registrations were made on-line. The proceeds from the conference are shared between the Michigan Council and Michigan participating chapters, which helps fund chapter and council projects, as well as mitigates the need for assessments to chapters to fund council operations. The conference team of Sue Crane, CPA, Lynn Margulies, Sue Bos, CMA, Teresa DeBaeke, Bob Maddox, Lee Bennett, Chris Mishler, CMA, and Jim Horsch, CMA, CFM worked hard to make this 7th annual conference the best conference yet.  Planning is now underway for the 2008 conference, and the date is set for Thursday, October 29, 2009 at the MSU Kellogg Center in East Lansing.

by Jim Horsch, Conference Chair

Michigan Council Well Represented at Student Conference

NOVEMBER 13, 2008 -The Michigan Council was well represented at the Student Conference in Jacksonville, Florida from November 6-8, 2008.  Vanessa Frankowski, President of the IMA Student Chapter at Eastern Michigan University, Meiqin Lu, Vice President of the IMA Student Chapter at Eastern Michigan University, and Hyun-Jin Choi, Director of Student Scholarships from the Ann Arbor chapter attended the conference.  Click on the photo, below, for larger image view.

Michigan Students at Conference“The Conference wasn’t just for students!” Among seven presentations Hyun-Jin attended, she specially liked ‘The Vital Core of Successful Leaders: What these Leaders know and Do!’ and ‘Prominence to Prison: Why Smart People Do Dumb Things’. Hyun-Jin, Vanessa and Meiqin attended presentations with topics from resume workshop to IFRS and Forensic accounting.  IMA staff, the conference facility, and the food were excellent and impressed the three first time attendees from Michigan. “The weather in Jacksonville, Florida was a big bonus”, added Hyun-Jin.

by Sue Bos

Council Offers New Chapter Website Template and Support

NOVEMBER 1, 2008 -The Michigan Council Website has a new look!  If you haven’t visited our site lately, you’ll find lots of new features, including a Google Calendar on the Events page, with all the upcoming meetings for chapters and council.  Chapters who maintain an up to date website will also have their events listed in the new Google Calendar, or chapters may send their events schedule to the email address, below.  The new site design is much more user friendly, easy to navigate and easier to update.  Very recently, we’ve added photo slide shows of our recent Fall Conference.  The council will publish any chapter or member news. News items should also go to

Did you know, The Michigan Council provides free web hosting to its chapters?  A new chapter web page template is available free to chapters who’d like to use it.  Past Council President and current webmaster, Lee Bennett, has offered to convert any chapter site to the new template.  He also offers his expertise to assist chapters in keeping their sites current.  An attractive and current web site is important to maintaining communications with our members.

Some chapters just do not have the technical expertise in site design and HTML coding to maintain their sites.  And, sometimes it’s an issue of not having the time to keep up with a website, when we all have family and earning a living as first priorities.  Lee can help chapters with the expertise issue, and will help with maintaining sites on request.  Lee can be reached by email at

by Lee Bennett

Michigan Council Wins 11th Straight Council of Excellence Award

Lynn Margulies Accepts Council AwardJUNE 30, 2008 - At IMA's 90th Annual Conference in Tampa, this June, the Michigan Regional Council of IMA was presented its 11th straight Council of Excellence Award. Lynn Margulies, Council President in 2007-2008, accepted the plaque on behalf of the Council and its board of directors. In the photo on the right is Lynn Margulies, with Penny Weller and IMA Chair-Emeritus John Pollara. Click on photo to see larger image.

The Council of Excellence Award is awarded annually, to those councils that go above and beyond expectations.  Among it's distinctive accomplishments was the Council's successful 6th Annual Fall Conference in Lansing, which offers 8 hours of CPE; and roadside billboards that promoted IMA in southeastern Michigan. Judged by a committee of volunteer leaders, just 4 of the 24 Regional Councils earn the Council of Excellence Award.

More Congratulations …

Please join us in congratulating the Ann Arbor Chapter on their success in the 2008 IMA Chapter Competition. The Chapter won 11th Place in the Stevenson Division. comprised of large chapters.

Congratulations to the Michigan Upper Peninsula Chapter on their success in the 2008 IMA Chapter Competition. They once again received a banner in the Warner division, capturing 16th place among small chapters.

Michiana Chapter Joins Michigan Council

JUNE 1, 2008 - This spring, the Michiana IMA Chapter, in neighboring northern Indiana, asked if they could transfer to the Michigan Council, since their driving distance to their Lincoln Trails Council meetings is so much farther than driving to Lansing and the Michigan Council. The Lincoln Trails Council approved the transfer. Therefore, Council Past President, Dana Collins made a motion that we accept the transfer of the Michiana Chapter from the Lincoln Trails Council to the Michigan Council effective with the beginning of the new 2008-2009 fiscal year, June 1, 2008. Past Council President, Penny Weller, supported the motion.

In accordance with Council bylaws, an electronic ballot was mailed to Council voting members, and the Michiana Chapter was unanimously accepted into the Michigan Council, effective June 1, 2008.  The Michiana Chapter has about 74 regular members, and is in the Warner Division of IMA. They finished 27th of 94 Warner Division chapters in the 2007-2008 National competition, just missing a banner. John Engel is Chapter President.

The Michigan Council welcomes our newest Chapter and looks forward to many years of mutually beneficial association in service to our members. The Michiana representatives are:

John Engel -
Christine Mast -
Brenda Engel -


IMA Discontinues, but Still Supports, its CFM Certification Program

DECEMBER 31, 2007 - While the CFM certification is an excellent program, it has been unable to find a sustained audience. Therefore, the ICMA® Board of Regents made the decision not to expend further resources on the CFM but rather to dedicate those resources to supporting the Certified Management Accountant (CMA®) program. This was a difficult decision but the Board believes that the benefits to be gained by focusing solely on the enhancement of the CMA program will, in the long run, make the decision worthwhile.

CFM certificate holders in good standing are encouraged to continue to list their CFM credential after their names and to display their CFM certificates. ICMA will maintain individual CFM exam results and records as well as information about the program and the requirements for CFM certification. ICMA will also continue to provide CFM verification.  The last CFM examination was offered on December 31, 2007.


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