Can you help your job search by achieving the CMA designation?

The CMA credential is the professional designation for Management Accountants. The certificate provides distinction in today's economic climate and affords the opportunity to certify your expertise in the business areas that are critical to the decision making process. It shows that you possess the skills and knowledge to be an influential member of the management team.

Did you know that many of our chapter have achieved certification? In our Ann Arbor IMA Chapter (as listed in our Roster) over 71 of our members have passed the CMA exam.

Congratulations to our many members who have achieved this notable professional achievement!

CMA & CFM Testimonials

Ann Arbor Member and Past Chapter President, Gerald L. Page, CMA:

"Education has always been important to me. I was 34 years old before I finished my first formal education in accounting - M.S. in Accounting. Job progression was satisfactory but over time I became acquainted with the IMA (then the MAA) for the certification. Needless to say it took a second pass at the exams to pass all 5 parts. In March of 1981 I received certificate #2360 from the M.A.A. - at the surprisingly young age of 45.

Job opportunities began to open up resulting in progression until my final job position as VP, CFO of a health care company. Not only did job satisfaction increase with each progression, but so did salary. In the 16 years I had the CMA my salary tripled.

So do I think the CMA and CFM are important? When I became President of the Ann Arbor Chapter, our leadership team was able to institute Chapter-supported IMA review courses. If I could complete the exam at age 45, all you youngsters out there have a tremendous potential to reach your goals if you add the CMA and/or the CFM to your tool kit.

Remember this one thing: Education! Education! Application!"
—Gerald L. Page, CMA

Ann Arbor Member and Past Chapter President, Chris Mishler, CMA:

"The CMA raised my pay! When I passed the exam, my boss gave me a 6% pay increase when the most anyone else got was 3%. He said the boost was due to my passing the exam and the expected benefit to the company as a result."
—Chris Mishler, CMA

Ann Arbor Member Mary E. Bajcz, CMA:

"I took the first three parts of the test when it was a written test and the financial statements part at a Prometric Learning Center. I think the test was three hours and a very intense experience, but doable."
—Mary E. Bajcz

Ann Arbor Member Clarke Macy, CMA, CFM - AT&T:

"I took all the exams at the Prometric location in Lansing as it's smaller and easier to get scheduled there than some other test sites. I've used the Gleim books to prepare for all parts of the CMA and CFM tests. I also used Micromash to prepare for 3 of the parts, and I attended one review course offered by the Jackson/Ann Arbor IMA chapters.

Time management during the tests is critical. One approach is to first answer only the quot;easy" questions, while skipping all others. If you can answer about 70 questions in 60 to 70 minutes, then you have 110 to 120 minutes to answer the remaining 40 questions. This way you see all 110 questions in the first hour, and can better gauge how to spend your time. Practice is the key to being well prepared!"
Clarke Macy, CMA, CFM


ICMA Updates CMA Exam Format

To ensure that the CMA remains the most appropriate designation for accountants and financial professionals in business, the Institute of Certified Management Accountants (ICMA) announced a change to the format and curriculum of the CMA exam program.

Beginning May 1, 2010, the CMA exam will consist of a two-part format focusing on the critical skills of financial planning, analysis, control and decision support. Testing for the current four-part CMA exam format will continue through December 31, 2010.

For enrollment information for current CMA candidates and individuals interested in the new CMA exam program, visit this site: http://www.imanet.org/cma_certification.aspx



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