February 18, 2011 , Volume 3, Issue No. 4

From the Editor

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Joe Nycum and Lee Bennett

Michigan Council News

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A Message from President, Chuck Phillips

It is so hard to believe that we are almost finished with another IMA year.  The National Conference in Orlando is just around the corner in June.  This has been a wonderful year so far.  We had a great Fall conference and the speakers and networking were outstanding.  I am certain that the 2011 Fall Conference will be equally fantastic.  Students from Michigan State University, Eastern Michigan University, and Cornerstone University attended the Student Leadership Conference in California in November and they have a wonderful time.  I would like to thank the Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor and Detroit Chapters who will assist in sending these students to the conference.

[READ MORE AT http://www.imamichigan.org/message]

Plan to Attend the 2011 Annual Fall Conference

The 2011 Fall Conference is scheduled for Monday, October 24th and will be held at Kellogg Center on the campus of Michigan State University. The conference is a great opportunity to earn CPE, be exposed to information that is important to our profession, and have an opportunity to meet and network with other Accounting Professionals.

Register Now for CMA Review Courses

If you're serious about becoming a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Cleary University has the program for you.  Cleary University is the only institution in Michigan to offer the Certified Management Accountant Learning System, developed by the Institute of Management Accountants.

[READ MORE AT http://www.cleary.edu/cma]

Ann Arbor Chapter News

The Ann Arbor Chapter will have Peter Berry, Windsor Harbour Master, presenting "Economic impact of a new border crossing" at it's meeting on Thursday, April 21st.  The Chapter's May 21st meeting will feature guest speaker James Horsch CMA, CFM, CAE who will present "Dealing with Adversity in these Tough Financial Times".
See Ann Arbor's calendar of events at http://www.imamichigan.org/annarbor/events .

Detroit Metro Chapter News

The Detroit Metro Chapter will be hosting it's 5th Annual March Conference "Navigating the Future: Management Accounting's role in the 21st Century".  Conference sessions include such topics as: How to Choose and Use Performance Metrics and Pricing for Profitability-Because Cost Still Matters.

See Detroit Metro Chapter's website at http://www.imadetroit.com

Grand Rapids Chapter News

The Grand Rapids Chapter will have guest speaker, Beth Kelly, Partner with Connexsource,

presenting "It's 2015 - Do you know where your Workforce Is?" at its Tuesday, March 15th meeting. 

See Grand Rapids Chapter website at http://www.imamichigan.org/grandrapids

Michiana Chapter News

In February, the Michiana Chapter had it's first ever technical meeting on Lean Accounting.  The Chapter is also presenting an All Day Seminar with Mr. Excel on Tuesday, May 3rd.  The morning session of the seminar will cover Learning Excel 2010 and the afternoon session Advanced Data Analysis.  This year marks the 75th Anniversary of the Michiana Chapter.  To celebrate the occasion, a dinner event with Chair-Elect Brian McGuire is planned for June.

See Michiana's calendar of events at http://www.imamichigan.org/michiana/events

Saginaw Valley Chapter News

The Saginaw Valley Chapter will have guest speaker Julie Goldman, MBA, CMA Adjunct Faculty Northwood University at its Student Night Meeting on Wednesday, April 20th.  Ms. Goldman will present an "Ethics Case Study".  CMA presentations will also be made the same evening.

See Saginaw Valley's calendar of events at http://www.imamichigan.org/saginawvalley/events


IMA National News


The following news items of interest come from the National IMA site at http://www.imanet.org. Please visit that site for more news and information. To read the full articles below, just follow the "Read more" link after each article.

IMA a Global Association

Did you know that the IMA has become a Global Association?  Read Jeffrey Thomson's CEO Blog "The Journey to Globalization".  You may be surprised by variety of countries where IMA members are located.

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Check out the Job Connections Group

Check out the great articles in the January issue of "The Career Connections Newletter".  You will find articles on "Ten Employment Trends to Watch for in 2011", "Study:  Teleworkers More Satisfied than Office-based Employees", and "Top 10 Resume Mistakes".

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Take Advantage of IMA's Knowledge Base

The IMA Answer Exchange is a great place for members to ask questions and receive support from peers.  It is a Q&A Discussion Area to showcase the knowledge base of IMA's membership.

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New Requirements for Paid Preparers of Tax Returns

A new era for federal income tax preparers begins with the 2011 tax filing season.  In general, anyone who prepares a tax return and is compensated for it is required to register with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), pass a competency exam (if not certified), and maintain current tax knowledge by annually attending 15 hours of continuing education. To read the entire article, see page 12 of the current issue of Strategic Finance.



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