Fall 2009, Volume 2, Issue No. 2

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This web-based newsletter will serve as notice of our quarterly board meetings in July, September, December and March. The meeting information in the side bar and publication on the Council web site will accomplish that goal. Secondly, there is a President's Message from our Council President, Chris Mischler, beginning in the newsletter and linked to the full text on our Michigan Council web site.

Other news will be shown as headlines below, with links to the full article on our Michigan Council web pages. News occurring between quarterly newsletter issues will be posted on our Council website, so please check there regularly.

Our newsletter mailing list includes all the current council board, active past council presidents, chapter delegates, chapter presidents. and others who would like to receive this communication. I hope you'll like our new format, and I encourage you to let us know what you think. Please contact me at webmaster@imamichigan.org .

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Michigan Council News

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Message from 2009-2010 President, Chris Mishler

September marks a new professional education year for most of the IMA.  Having participated in several planning meetings over the summer, I know we are gearing up as a region for another excellent program of continuing education. Expect us to reel in yet another Council Award of Excellence for what would be the thirteenth in a row!  We strive to do what’s right for our chapters and their members.

Our chapter leadership is mostly in place as well, although a few gaps exist.  I encourage our existing leaders to go ahead and ask members to participate on the chapter boards. It does not hurt to ask, and you may get some fresh ideas and energy on the board to drive your successful year.

To name just a few initiatives, we have revamped our council website, and are making a special effort to get every chapter’s website current.  Keep an eye on www.imamichigan.org for new articles and links.

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8th Michigan Council Annual Fall Conference Update

Michigan Council's 8th Annual Fall Conference will be held on Thursday, October 29, 2009, at the Kellogg Center on the Michigan State University Campus. Planning is now complete for another great conference. Prices have been kept at last year's level, so it's a great bargain this year! See full details and registration information on our site, at the link below...

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No Worker Left Behind

The Michigan Council website will soon include new pages with useful information about the state's No Worker Left Behind program (NWLB), and other employment news. Council President, Chris Mischler introduces the concept in an article, at the link below...

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Lansing-Jackson Chapter Announces Fall Schedule

Lansing-Jackson Chapter President Gareth Beaty has invited all members, as well as guests from other chapters and Michigan Council delegates to attend the Chapter's 1st meeting on September 17. Please support the resurgence of the Lansing-Jackson Chapter with your attendance!

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Support Our Students with a Donation

Please consider donating to the attendance of students from the region to attend IMA's 10th Annual Student Leadership Conference.  These are our future leaders. A little support goes a long way, so please donate to the Council’s scholarship fund.  Please send checks to:

Dana Collins

7094 Jamaica LanePortage, MI 49002

Marked “Student Conference”

Are You Serious About Becoming a CMA?

Cleary University is now accepting registrations for CMA review courses for the 2009-2010 academic year.  Review courses for CMA Exam Parts 1 and 4 are offered this fall; review courses for CMA Exam Parts 2 and 3 will be offered in winter and spring 2010, respectively.  All courses are taught by Dr. Louis Petro, CMA, CPA, and use the CMA Learning System materials, which were developed by the IMA...

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IMA National News


IMA’s 90th Annual Conference & Exposition Photos Posted
View photos from IMA’s 90th Annual Conference & Exposition in Denver, CO, in the LinkUp IMA community.

IMA’s 20th Annual Salary Survey
Despite the economic crisis, IMA’s 20th Annual Salary Survey indicates that professionals holding IMA’s CMA certification have greater earning power – 24% higher in salary and 31% higher in total compensation – than their noncertified colleagues. These findings appear in the June 2009 issue of IMA’s Strategic Finance magazine.

New LinkUp IMA Online Social Network is Now Live!
IMA invites members to ioin LinkUp IMA, our exciting new online social network exclusive for IMA members. Click here to access.

COSO Supports Improved Board Risk Oversight
The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO), an organization co-founded by IMA, has released a new thought paper, Effective Enterprise Risk Oversight: The Role of the Board of Directors. The thought paper is aimed at helping boards of directors strengthen their oversight of enterprise risks. Click here to download.







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