President's Message

Newsletter - November, 2017


Hi, UP IMA Chapter Member!

Chapter President, Joel Thompson

Our Chapter’s Annual Holiday Dinner is on Friday, December 8, 2017!!!  Lindsay Bean, Community Relations with Eagle Mine, will provide an update on the mine’s activities.  Also included is a delicious meal served at the Wawonowin Country Club.  All this for a discounted price!  So, come one and all to find out more about Eagle Mine’s  activities (see Next Meeting page for details).

 We are planning one more tour/meeting after the New Year.  If you have an idea for a meeting or would like to tour a particular business or organization in the Upper Peninsula, please send your ideas to me via e-mail at or give me a call (227-1803 or 228-8052).

I hope to see you at the dinner.  Happy Holidays!!!



YOUR President,


Joel Thompson



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